Sandra Rutz-Miličević


I have more than 20 years of management experience within financial, telecommunication and universities in empowering people to exponentially improve their performance and ways to supercharge their personal and professional success. I actively contribute to increase productivity, profitability and growth.

I studied educational Psychology at the University of Zurich and did specialize in experiental and motivational psychology. I worked at the Institute of Behavioral Science, ETH Zürich and focused on the understanding of stress and emotions and how they affect learning and behavior.

In March 2012 my dreams of a successful career were destroyed by a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis.

Link to Story: https://www.every-breath-counts.com/en/story

Through all the years as a successful Manager, as a happy Mother and wife, I dedicate my time to understand how our mindset influences our body and mind.

My goal is go empower people to master their bodies and minds so they can live the life they want without losing the time they have.


Pillars of Success are:


Every Breath Counts - Sandra Rutz-Miličević Every Breath Counts - Sandra Rutz-Miličević