Simply Successful Learning

Simply Successful Learning


Success with the right learning strategies


Meet me Andri, as your personal training coach.

Those who go to work with the right learning strategies enjoy learning, enjoy knowledge and make the decisive difference - at school and later in their careers.

My learning coaching for children and adolescents: Individual. Tailor-made.

I teach children and adolescents strategies, methods and techniques with which

  • - they face school and social pressure in a more relaxed way
  • - they can focus and be less distracted, and
  • - they learn to organize their daily school life in a self-responsible and balanced way.

I teach them how to actually use their potential, their curiosity and fascination, their joy and enthusiasm for learning and knowledge. I promote intrinsic motivation and thus reduce pressure and stress; at school and at home.

My coaching focuses on concentration, learning and working techniques, motivation, organization and planning or on the positive handling of examination pressure and the systematic reduction of examination anxiety.

Key points of coaching:

  • - Focus and concentration
  • - Working and learning techniques
  • - Motivation
  • - Organization and planning

Let me advise you free of charge in order to determine the needs of your child or adolescent correctly.

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